How to profit a great deal more from your  business, in much less working time -as early as tomorrow? by using simple cheats,tricks and steps,on a “copy-paste” level without spending a fortune on employess, freelancers, and redundant courses.

Introducing the 15 cheats and codes ever revealed for your business: This is how you will fill your business with clients without wasting time and energy on marketing...ever!

Don’t go studying marketing!  use the cheats to draw paying customers to your business so yo can become the professional you always wanted to be.

All the methods, templates, documents, and ‘fill in the blanks’ that have been working for me for more than 1,460 days
.or in short, my secret cheats that only my employees and premium subscribers received theopportunity to peek at ,until today

This is the reason your business is treading instead  of growing:

?”… Have you ever heard the phrase “only you can market your own business 
 As if that’s all you needed right now – something more to be responsible for in your business…

 And just between you and me, if you mange your marketing as well ,who will do the rest of the work that needs to be done?! 

As a professional, i can tell you this with certainty: 

The wors thing you can do is market your own business yourself! 

 ,marketing, just like your profession, is a vast filed one needs to learn and professionalize in to invest in and deal with it for years in order to do it right.

Perhaps you have already had the opportunity to take a course or a workshop, but at the end?

You sat in front of the computer, pounding on the keyboard, simply because you couldn’t for the life of you understand what actually needs to be done in order for it to work…

 Have you ever thought to yourself?:

“…If only there was a shortcut”

“…If only there was a way to make it easier”
“…If only i had a cheat – sheet i could use for my busines”

 You are about to get very excited, because for the first time ever, you will be able to get hold of my secret marketing templates, cheats, and scenarios i have developed for my employees and premium clients, and you can simply copy them and instantly implement them in your business!

Your new way to increase sales in your business (and to catch up on your sleep):

This innovative workbook holds THE principle I have for business::

A professional does not need to learn marketing!

I know. everyone says how important it is to learn marketing, how crutial it is, that without marketing you have no chance of succeding no matter how good you are, that marketing is even more impotant than the product itself (half of the quotes here are mine, you simply need to understand them correctly), and still…

You do not need to study marketing! on the contrary! you shouldn’t study marketing!

I see business owners who have invested studied marketing themselves – they are bulding lading pages, running campaigns, writing marketing texst, building automations, designs, brands and even make sure to clear one hour a day in order to continue and learn more about marketing!

Bottom line?
They are holding two jobs and there are only 24 hours in a day.
They invest 70% of their time in marketing andadvertizing the business (some more successfully than others) , and truth be told, they are so busy marketing they no longer have the time to work at their profession!
This is exactly what led me to release these cheats to the public –
 (that up until now, i password protected them and opened them only for employee training and accompaniment programs .(for vip clients

So, if you are an owner of one those business who is tired of wasting 70% of your day on marketing, and you wish to engage in your profession, or that you initially don’t like or want to learn all you need to know in order to market your business, and you wish to skip right ahead to the shortcuts you have to get your hands on this booklet!

Wow… I have to write an urgent” email!” – you have a bulit – in checklist to do just that!

Oh… How do i make a landing page” right now?!” – you have a step-by-step checklist!
“Damn! I have no idea what to write about…” – checklist
” How do I present business as something different than the competition…?” – checklist!
“I don’t know what I really need to do… what activity…” – checklist!
The “ka – ching! 15 of the greatest cheats and codes ever to be revealed for your business!” – Is exactly what will do it for you, from experience!

להזמנת חוברת "קאצ'ינג – 15 פריטים והקודים הגדולים ביותר שנחשפו אי פעם עבור העסק שלך" לחץ על הכפתור

Take a peek inside the booklet:

Everyone is always talking about characterizing a target audience – but how is it really done?

Ways to always find excellent content for your target audience:

How will you construct
 effective and profitable
 automated marketing
 processes that can be easliy

your employee works too slow? you wish to improve your work pace? It happend to me... this is exactly what i did in order to quadruple his productivity:

Are you familiar with the feeling of frustration and anger when you introduce a new employee, and he ends up working so slow that instead of clearing some time for yourself, you work more and also pay him a salary?! 

This is exactly what led me to write workbook….

I recruited an employee to help me with marketing writing, And i wasn’t prepared for his slow pace!
(While he wrote one email to a client, i wrote 5!)
I’m not exaggerating, I am completely serious!!!
I realized i must find a way to teach him to how meet my time tables…
I tried everthing training over the phone, whatsAPP messages and correspondence, I even videotaped myslef training live on how i write an – email.

Literally, nothing helped.

The thought that bringing an emoloyee in was a fatal mistkae, and that it was time to let him go and continue doing everything myself, had crossed mt mind….
Until i remembered (in the shower – the place for all the best ideas!) the modeling

A method i learned studing N.L.P

the The idea is to “model” the manner os which a person performs a certain action so that others are able to do is as good as them (or nearly as good)

The result was “slightly” better than i had planned… i
taught him my modeling and he 
went down from writing an email in 75 minutes to writing one in 25 minutes within only 3 days!!!
i took it one step forward… instead of just teaching him, i prepared templates for him to work with! i organized work stages, “fill in the blanks” documents, ready to execute work processes.
Now, not only did it take him 20 minutes to write an email (we started with 75 minutes, remember?), i also stopped commenting him on the writing because he simply did it at an amazing level!
And he?
instead of being ethusiastic and keeping it to himself, he began telling friends and colleagues that i have cheats – sheets of shortcuts for marketing writing…
After less than a week, 10 friends and collegues had asked me to teach them these tools as well!!
Today, i am really happy that liron (Yup that’s his name), told the guys about this,
It is thanks to him that this booklet exists today!
Over the past 6 years i have created organized templates, cheats, work processes and kits for everything important in marketing and in the business.
I am using kits almost on a daily basis, and my employees literally print out the kits most important to them, hang them over their computer and look at them every day!

...However i really didn't stop here, in fact

Wer’e no longer talking about marketing writing “only”… since the first checklist, i have expanded the fields also to 
  campings, marketing systems, action plans and to building a business infrastructure.
Up until recently, the only ones who could hold of mt cheats were my employees, and clients in my annual accompaniment programs.
About a year ago i took a one time leap and released a significant part of the checklist and kits an amazing frontal course i gave.
people were simply shocked!!! 7 people, who were studying marketing, business owners for more than a decade, took the checklist and jumped on me with excitement!

"זו הפעם הראשונה שמישהו מרכז לי בצורה כזאת את כ -ל מה שאני צריך לעסק בצורה הכי נוחה ופשוטה שרק אפשר לדמיין!"​

peleg  Elkalay: Stills photographer + business videos (who attended countless courses on the subject of marketing)

?What will you discover in the 'ka - ching' booklet

Has it ever happened to you that you sat down for an assignment and everything simply flowed so smoothly that you completed the ask in half the time is usually takes you? as far as i am concerned, this is THE essence of this workbook:

To save you time and energy, and to help you get better results, with minimum effort!
This booklet is my holy grial…
It’s grandma’s secret recipe book…
It’s the cheat – sheet that without it you can’t pass the last level in war craft 2…
And to come one step closer to growing your business without wracking your brains and without wasting your whole day on marketing! you are about to find out EXACTLY what to do to shorten your working times, and elevate your results.
This booklet is nit the study of theory!

15 of the greatest cheats and codes ever to be revealed for your business:

your booklet is divided into four sections:

Marketing infrastructures, marketing writing (copywriting), campaign and marketing funnels,an action plan and understanding the big picture.
!In these chapters you have a collection of my BEST ever cheats

…A litle spoiler
In checklist 10, you are being exposed to a method, thanks which i manged to raise conversions in a landing page by 250% (without changing a thing…) 
How in a completely different page i manged to raise the 
conversion rates from 30% to 82%,and most importantly, 
how i cut my cost of leads by 50%
!And this is only 1 section out of 15
i know that it may sound strange to someone listening from
…the side
To believe that there really is a “secret shortcut” which will 
….help you promote your business and save time
The first thing a friend told me after hearing about it was, “if
it’s really that good, why don’t you keep it just for yourself?!”

The answer is quite simple…
If i had heard of an amazing real estate deal, i wouldn’t have 
!shared it with anyone
Because if i told anyone else about it, they would be able to 
buy the property before .me…

But in your business?
If i succeed in helping you to compose an email in half the
time, how does it detract from me?!
There is no competition here of “first come first serve”…
 When i share mt cheats with you, we are simply winning the
game together 

David vatin - Owner and C.E.O of a digital advertizing agency shares:

What is your investment in the 'ka - ching!' booklet?

The kits package in the digital version is currently sold at
a cost of 997 NIS.
 And this is only the digital version!

This is without shipping, packaging, book jacket and
And of course without the convenience of holding the cheats
in your hands and seeing exactly what it’s all about

This is the first time i am rinting the booklet and shipping it
to your door, in a physical copy you can actually hold and feel in your hands.

I want to hear new success stories and help more business
owners save time, needless frustration together with making
more moeny.

This is why i have decided to do something a little drastic…


...Yes! you are reading correctly

The first 120 people to order the booklet Your investment wiil not be 997 NIS

My goal in this booklet is to show to as many business owners
as possible…

A different reality. My clients and i call it “a parallel

A universe where you dont need to hold two jobs in your own 
but rather deal with just one thing
To be the professional you’ve always wanted to be and to
operate your business

להזמנת חוברת “קאצ’ינג – 15 הצ’יטים והקודים הגדולים ביותר שנחשפו אי פעם עבור העסק שלך” לחץ על הכפתור

בנוסף לחוברת הצ'יטים והקודים שלי, אתה מקבל גם:

Digital 'ka-ching'

Listen, it is very important to me that you will have a physical booklet of the book.
Something you will be able to scribble on and hang over your computer – 
(Just as i do)
Nevertheless, it is also very important to me 
That you will begin using these cheats immediately!
Without waiting even an hour to start implementing.
It is exactly because of this , that you are receiving a digital 
version of the booklet from me, so while you are waiting for
your physical copy to arrive, you will be able to activate a few
 of the cheats and see how powerful they are

(Valued at 197 NIS)

Practically! an annual program to maximize saels

The difference between havin a new project and postponing it to next month (again)

(Valued at 250 NIS)

The reason i added these bonuses is becuse i don't want to "simply" sell the booklet just to rest on  your shelf... But to really help you achieve results! As well as to receive feedbacks from you j

Total package value:

Booklet – “ka ching” – 15 of the greatest cheats and codes 
ever to be revealed for your business

Value: 997 NIS

Bouns :  An easy 24\7 accessible digital copy from any device! Value: 197 NIS

Bouns: Practically! An annual plan to maximize sales
Value: 250 NIS

Total package value: 1,444 NIS

And as i have told you a minute ago.
This booklet was created for one reason: to help you discover 
a parallel universe, where you do not have to work 2 jobs in
your business, but to simply copy and paste, so you can  deal
with just one thing: being the business owner you always
wanted to be.

 And for this reason, your investment today will not be 1,444 
I am giving away a special subsidy of more than 80% off for 
the first 120 copies!!!

Your investment today: 197 NIS only for the entire package including the  bonuses! *For the first 120 copies only*

After clicking the button you will be transferred to an order**
page secured through “cardcom”, the most secured clearing 
website in israel.

Yes, you are getting the opportunity to order your package
including the bonuses for an unbelievably low investment of

And the funniest part?
Dozens of businesses bought the early digital version
thr (which had less cheats) for the amount you invest today,
without the annual plan to maximize sles, the physical
booklet or home delivery 


הטבה ייחודית

חוברת קאצ'ינג וחבילת הבונוסים

This course will teach you, step by step, how to double if not triple your traffic over the next 30 days.

197₪ בלבד!

רכישה מאובטחת 100% ע”י חברת קארד קום

"Shay, how can i make sure this is suitable for me as well?"

I understand your concern….
Believe it or not, there are countless books and materials that
can help you to market.
At the end of the day, the booklet is designed to save you 
involvement and time!

And it makes a lot of sense you will want to make sure it will
really help you before you rush to buy a copy. 🙂
It is precisely for this reason that i have prepared a short list
of fields, which will help you understand in which situations 
the cheats will help you!

מה קרה למי שהפעיל את הצ'יטים?

Who am i anyway?

If we still don't know each other  (enough):

My name is shai segal, i am an NLP master,lectuer, bestselling author (Amzon) and a marketing and strategy expert.

To date i have sold more than 2,000 digital courses:
I have created an additional income of 57,000 NIS in one month for a client of mine (without investing a dime on marketing):
I have set up a new business venture which brought in more than 1,000,000 in revenues in its first year:
i manged advertizing budgets in my clients’
businesses of more than 2,000,000 NIS
I have created a passive income of thousands of shekels from digital marketing.
I mange a saels tea, and employees in my business and 
consulted dozens of businesses:
One of the most important things for me (and my clients constantly attest to this) is practice!
I love to learn and develop in my field. i have invested
already thousands of dollars in digital courses, workshop meetings and accompanied programs of the best mentors
in the world.
but the bottom line, if it does not become practice, it’s 
merely a hobby…
I have refined all the knowledge and experience i have
accumulated over the years into these 15 cheats,which are
business to efficeincy and profitability in the shortest time 
possible, already by tomorrow morning.

Business owners in more than 17 fields are  activating their cheats as we speak! check right now: Is your field on the list?

What if i'm disappointed by the cheats?


I can’t see such an option.
I really don’t!

It is probably the best and most exciting product i have ever
created to date!
People who saw the cheats were shocked and told me they 
could have saved thousands of shekels on redundant courses
if they had found out about it sooner!

And still… i wish to give you 100% assurance.
you are protected by a 14 day money back guarantee.
And you know what? if it should happen that you are not
satisfied, i will refund you all your money and even let you
keep the booklet
Simply scroll down to see the terms of the guarntee. bottom 
line: if the cheats did not help you, get your money back – no 
questions asked.

There is no risk here, Activate the cheats, find out that you do
not need to learn marketing any longer, and keep this little
secret between us. It did not work for you? Get your entire
investments back.

'ka-ching' booklet

Instead of 1,444 NIS

Your investment is only 197 NIS

Activate your cheats before the go off-line

להזמנת חוברת “קאצ’ינג – 15 הצ’יטים והקודים הגדולים ביותר שנחשפו אי פעם עבור העסק שלך” לחץ על הכפתור

Simply open the relevant page And activate your cheat

This not a booklet you need to read from beginning to end,
end you do not need to memorize anthing,
And you don’t even need to take a course on the subject….

Becuse i am a marketing man, i studied marketing
you fo not need to know how to market, you need to know
what works.
And in the booklet? you are literally receiving everything that
has worked for me, my employees and for dozens of business
owners who have worked with me in the past 4 years.
All you need to do now it to jump ahead to the relevant cheat
and activate it.

Simply copy and paste! without the need to 'bring it' in marketing

I am familiar with everything that is available on line…
free of charge as well as paid…
They always raise your expectations and in practice you get
something very genral and basic, right?

Here you will not receive genral generic ideas to your e-mail,
or something to tell you on which day you should upload
Here you are getting the cheats and checklists that i 
persinally use!

Not the “free version” they release to the public…
The actual content i work and train my employees with!

The price of this booklet will be skyrocketing soon...

Look, when i release a new product into the market, only a
limited number of people will be able to purchase it at a 
special price,
simply becuase in this way, i will be able to enjoy a new product that
none of their competitors have, together with the feeling of “I
beat the system”

And now?
You have the opportunity to be one of those people!

להזמנת חוברת “קאצ’ינג – 15 הצ’יטים והקודים הגדולים ביותר שנחשפו אי פעם עבור העסק שלך” לחץ על הכפתור

"Seriously, why would you reveal all your cheats?!"

To tell you the truth, the answer is quite simple…
If i had heard of an amazing real estate deal, i wouldn’t have
shared it with anyone!

Becuse if i told anyone else about it, they would be able to
buy the property before me…
But in your business?
If i succeed in helping you to compose an email in half the
time, how does it detract from me?!
There is no competition here of “first come first serve…”
When i share my cheats with you, we are simply winning the
game together

What happened to those working with shai?

Rotem Namir pardes - Real Estate agent, Pardes Hana

“What i miss most in the daily consultations and support from shai.
To this day i find it hard to believe that shay helped me sell
insane ammount of apartments ONLY
by using a mailing
 list and without investing in advertising at all. i
recommend shai whkoehearteadly” 

Daniel Yanover -38, Tel-Aviv

His practical knowledge is simply insane”
He pushes forward and helps all this students

In just onw month in the course with shai, i made 19,000
NIS more!”

Yosi Nafkar:
“Hello shai i have created the mailings for 5 days as you
 explained. i can’t believe that from a distribution list of only
 subscribers, I was able to sell 2 mines!!!
Thank you very much shai, this wouldn’t have happened
without you”

Idan Ben David:

“Before i knew shai, i found it very dfficult to bring in new
In the accompaniment process with him, not only did it boost
my confidence, but my performance increasedas well!”

Rona Sasson:

” I highly recommend!!!
I have just completed shai’s course and i am continuing on to
his advanced program.
The man is the BOMB! There’s so much to learn from hom
and the close accompaniment is the most important thing in
my view!”

Roy Yechezkel - 40, Kfar Monash

“After studying marketing with shai, i can actually say i have
a real profession!
I gained more with Shai in six months than i have in 7
years in the academt.”

Haim Biton - 20, Ramat Gan

Professionalism and organization! his standards garbbed
me from the start. The level of his accuracy is amazing, and most important for me – Simplicity! all of his experience helps to save time and money, and it is all done in SIMPLICITY”

The special price is valid for the first 120 copies only! Activate your cheats right now, grab your 'ka-ching' booklet at a special price, and the shipping is on us!

להזמנת חוברת “קאצ’ינג – 15 הצ’יטים והקודים הגדולים ביותר שנחשפו אי פעם עבור העסק שלך” לחץ על הכפתור

הטבה ייחודית

חוברת קאצ'ינג וחבילת הבונוסים

This course will teach you, step by step, how to double if not triple your traffic over the next 30 days.

197₪ בלבד!

רכישה מאובטחת 100% ע”י חברת קארד קום

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